I Left My Heart In San Francisco…

“To be where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars…” – I Left My Heart In San Francisco by Tony Bennet

I really do love San Francisco, and so did my Uncle Ron.  Only difference is, I came back and he stayed there! Ok, there are some other differences:

  • They have balmy 60 degree January days, we have -30.
  • They have a beautiful ocean view, we have the bluffs of the Mississippi.
  • They have Ghirardelli Chocolate, we have all-you-can-eat cheese curds.
  • They have the 49’ers, we have THE PACKERS! (great season, boys)
  • They have charming cable cars, we have horse-drawn Amish buggies.

There’s something romantic about the thought of just riding those cute cable cars up and down the streets of San Francisco, breathing in the salty sea air, and knitting!  Yes, I think that knitting on a cable car for an entire day would be absolutely wonderful.

Speaking of “cables”.  I was knitting this great Dragonflies Hat just the other day and as I’m cabling, I pull out my Brittany Birch Cable Needle and think to myself, “these ROCK!”  I have been using these great cabling needles for years, but just the other day realized how very much I actually love them.  They are short enough that they don’t impede the efficiency of your knitting.  They feel great in your hands and don’t slip between your fingers.  There is just enough rigidity on the needle (without having actual ridges) that stitches stay put and don’t slide off.  I find these to be just fantastic!  Now, the ultimate idea would be not to have to use a cable needle at all (I’ve found a way to do small cables, such as eyelets, without a cable needle), but if you are in the need for a great cable needle, these are it!

And for the record…my heart is right here in Westby with a husband I couldn’t be more in love with and three munchkins who gifted me with a love only a mom knows.  I think I’ll stay right here and knit 🙂 Happy cabling!


3 thoughts on “I Left My Heart In San Francisco…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well! I have never even heard of a ‘cabling needle’! I have only and always used a small double pointed needle. Guess you can teach an ‘old dog new tricks’! Love reading your blog posts, Tara. Thank you!


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