When I Put My Hand In There…

“For when my little pink wiggles some young maiden gets the giggles.  Then I make my knuckles active, “My” he says “She’s so attractive.”  Then I move my index digit and they both begin to fidget.  Then I clench my palm.  The preacher reads a psalm, when I put my hand in there! ” –  from Hello, Dolly!

Dry hands are a nuisance.  Nobody likes to shake a cracking, powdery-white, drier-than-Arizona-in-July hand.  If you live in the upper United States you can relate to this winter phenomenon.  What do you do?  Slather on the lotion.  But, let me tell you.  This mom’s hands are constantly in the sink, lingering in wet laundry, bathing little bodies…and no matter how often I’m applying one of the many salves, lotions, or creams I have sitting by my sink, I still have clinically severe (yes, I’m self-diagnosed) dry hands.  It bothers me.  But, it REALLY bothers me when I’m knitting.  The other day, I ran into the yarn shop and showed a cute pair of little leggings I was working on, only to have the owner say, “They look so fuzzy!”  I chuckled, and told her that my wonderfully un-smooth hands gave it that wonderfully snagged, fuzzy, look.

And so, today, as I begin my first project for Berroco Yarn,  the salve is only a pinky length away. (Yes, that’s my brag for my new sample knitting gig!)   My favorite remedy right now is a great organic herbal salve made by a local gal.  I just love putting my hands in there! I am not; however, opposed to trying something new.  Please share your favorite dry-hand relief remedy,or something to rid those annoying cracks and burrs.  This knitter wants to know…


One thought on “When I Put My Hand In There…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Baby yarn, for me, is the worst! Little snags of yarn detract from my joy of finally having gotten the sweet lace pattern of an infant sweater under hand. My grandmother’s generation often used ‘Bag Balm’ (used for cows) to combat dry winter hands. Not sure whether it is available any longer. Note: many of the ‘lotions’ actually have alcohol in them which, of course, defeats the purpose of using the lotion in the first place. Let us know if you find something wonderful!


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