“Knot” To Us…

“Not” to us, but to Your name, be the glory…” – No To Us by Chris Tomlin 

Recognize these words?  All you Christian biblical scholars might jump to the buzzer and answer, “Psalm 115”.  I hear those words and a very specific tune comes to mind…a tune that takes me back nearly 15 years!  It’s 2001’ish and I’m a high school youth minister at a gigantic Catholic parish in a suburb of Minneapolis…

My partner in crime Kate and I felt the need for some “professional development” and so we booked our annual trip to the national Youth Specialties Conference for youth workers.  These conferences are ridiculous!  By far, my favorite part was always the fabulous music.  We never knew who would show up: Michael W. Smith, Chris Tomlin, Jars of Clay, Bebo Norman, Jennifer Knapp, Sarah Groves.  After a full day, we decided to retire to the hotel bar (like all good Catholic youth ministers!)  and being that we were deep in the “bible belt” of Nashville, open bar stools flooded the floor.  Two blondes, bellied up to the bar with beers in hand, I’m certain we were being prayed for by everyone else at the conference who decided to go to the late-night prayer meeting instead.  Not too long after sitting down, a group of good looking guys sat down next to us.  I instantly recognized them as members of Chris Tomlin’s worship band.  Yes, I was star struck 🙂  We strike up conversation and then who shows up?  Chris Tomlin!  Who is Chris Tomlin?  He WAS a big time Praise & Worship singer/songwriter.  Not sure if he is anymore, though; the only music I seem to get to listen to has to do with “wheels on buses” or “letting it go”  🙂  Anyway, Chris sits right down, hangs out, chats.  And before we know it, we are chumming it up with the Chris Tomlin band IN THEIR TOUR BUS!  Memorable?  Yes!

And speaking of KNOTS…

I’ve tried many different ways of joining ends of yarn.  For a while, I was sold on the Russian Method.  What I don’t like about this is that you always needed a sharp darning needle on hand.  Yes, it works, but it just doesn’t work for me.  I need something faster.  And so I happened upon the Magic Knot method.  LOVE IT!

  • Lay your new yarn in front of your working yarn.  The end of your working yarn will be on the right side, the beginning of the new yarn will be laying on the left side.
  • Take the end of your working yarn, bring it over and then under the new yarn, and then back around and pull it through the front and PULL TIGHT.  Basically, you are tying a knot with the working yarn around the new yarn.
  • Repeat the same thing but on the other side using the beginning of your new yarn.  Take your new yarn, go under the working yarn, over top the working yarn, back around and through the back and PULL TIGHT.  You are tying a knot around the working yarn.
  • Grab your ends and pull!  This will bring your two knots together.  Pull nice and tightly.
  • Trim your ends and then give one last tug to make things nice and snug!
  • Voila!  Easy, fast, and no extra tools needed

Next time you’re ready to join new yarn, try the Magic Knot method.  Do you agree with me that it is absolutely wonderful?!


2 thoughts on ““Knot” To Us…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, have been knitting for more than sixty years and, every time I read your post, I learn something wonderful and new. THANK YOU!

    Had never heard (or tried) either of the methods you mention/describe, but will have to try the ‘Magic Knot’ next time I need to use a knot. Have always simply made a square knot and prayed it would not come undone or create an uncomfortable or unpleasant-looking place on the knit item. You are SO smart and talented!

    with love, aunt mb

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