Paint With All The Colors Of The Wind…

Colors of the Wind from Disney’s Pocahontas

How do you choose a color for your projects?  It’s quite fascinating, I think, to consider all that factors into our decisions for color.  Not just in my knitting, but the color that embraces me in my home and on my walls, the color with which I choose to cloak my body, the color of flowers I’m drawn to…

For me, if I’m consciously choosing a color for a specific project for myself, I immediately go to the neutrals; the greys, the creams, the blacks and browns.  My reasoning always seems to be that it will “go with more” and I can always accessorize with a color.  I think I’ve used similar reasoning when decorating my house…

But then I put on my newly knitted neutral piece and typically feel nothing more than blasé wearing it.  I WANT TO FEEL FABULOUS WEARING SOMETHING!  We deserve to feel fabulous about our projects and I truly believe that color has more to do with it than we think.  So here are my thoughts for choosing color for your next project:

  • Take a peek at your wardrobe and peek at those pieces you feel most confident wearing.  Do you find a trend in color schemes among them? For me that color is the blue family. Here’s my wardrobe today.  Feeling the need to make something with blue yarn!

  • Peruse your home.  If you don’t find much color on the walls, look at your accessories: picture frames, pillows, window treatments, etc.  Do you see some colors that also match those great pieces in your wardrobe?!
  • Steer clear of neutrals.  Resist the temptation to be practical and embrace your inner color!

Now that you might have a color in mind, check out these articles from NPR and Real Simple to learn more about your color.

Let’s stop being boring!  Let’s feel great about what we make, what we wear, where we live.  Life’s too short to only feel “so-so”.  Choose confidence. Choose color!


One thought on “Paint With All The Colors Of The Wind…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Having always been a ‘boring’ beige; brown; gray; …sort of gal, I find your inspiration to think more colorfully a reason to smile. Again. Thank you!


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