I’m All About That Rachmaninoff…

Rachmaninoff: All-Night Vigil with Charles Bruffy

I’m sitting by my tulips, sipping my coffee, but unlike most days, today I’m not knitting.  Instead I’m sitting and listening to a beautiful masterpiece.  Something I haven’t done in a long while.  And as I listen, I reflect upon the richness of my musical experiences and nearly all of them involve choral music.  I’ve sung under brilliant conductors, performed brilliant works, and sung with brilliant singers; one of whom is my reason for today’s post.  Tenor, Dr. Kenny Miller, is doing great things in the Pheonix area.  He is the Director of Choral Music, and Coordinator of Vocal Music at Phoenix College.  He sings with the Grammy-Award Winning group, The The Phoenix Chorale, and was recently named Assistant Conductor of this phenomenal group of singers.  He is taking on yet new musical ventures with a recently formed group, Helios. And I get to call him my friend!

This week, Kenny added to his numerous accolades with the release of Racmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil; a joint effort by both the Phoenix Chorale and The Kansas City Chorale under their director Charles Bruffy.  It wasn’t even 1 minute into the recording before tiny bumps moved up my arms.     I. Was. Captivated.

I had no prior knowledge of this piece. I did; however, delve into some Racmaninoff during my undergraduate years and sang a set of his vocal pieces.  All that moved me, and struck me as so incredibly beautiful then, moved me once again when I heard The All-Night Vigil.  Rich harmonies and lingering dissonances.  Hauntingly beautiful sonorities.  Seamlessly intertwining phrases.  The unusual yet yummy vowels and fricatives of the Russian language.  All of this, combined with talented voices and inspiring direction…it’s a must listen.

Wonderful things in choral music happen daily. Many go unnoticed.  Thankfully, though, many get the exposure they deserve and are noticed by people across the globe.  Thanks Kenny for being part of something beautiful; something that will forever give to the world.  MUSIC.


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