It’s Not Easy Being Green…

“I am green, and it’ll do fine…it’s what I want to be!” – It’s Not Easy Being Green sung by Kermit The Frog

Happy St.Patricks Day from the blonde haired, blue eyed Bohemian!  I’ve never claimed Irish heritage, but after having lived many years in a very Irish city, attended and worked for a very Irish-Catholic university, and married into an enormous lineage of Irish descent, I happily pass this great day onto my kids as part of “our heritage”. So, we dress in green, eat green jello (yes, I succumb to jello on holidays), and call ourselves Irish.

I see the seas of green everywhere and reflect upon the newness associated with this color. I think about those knitters just beginning their creative journey: the first time scarfers, the newbie knit-in-the-rounders…and I say good for you for jumping in!

I sometimes feel like knitting is a gigantic clique often intimidating those outside the circle.  I’ve heard people say that they really want to knit but have no idea how to start; that it all seems too overwhelming.  Or, they look at a pair of fair isle mittens and say “I want to knit that” not fully understanding there are several steps needing to be put in place before jumping to a project of that caliber. I see the same aspirations with people wishing to play piano, or those just beginning their piano adventures and wanting to play Fur Elise at their second lesson. Like many things, knitting also requires learning fundamental steps and basic techniques.

  • Learn the two main stitches: knit and purl.
  • Spend time holding the yarn and needles in your hands.  Allow it all to feel comfortable and familiar rather than foreign and awkward.
  • Read patterns!  This is where, I feel, knitters learn the most.  Thanks to great pattern writers, newbie knitters can learn the fine details of knitting: variations of casting on, fun new stitches, how to put stitches on stitch holders, how to turn a heel, etc.

What’s the saying, “practice makes perfect”? Well I don’t claim perfection, but the more I knit, the more I learn.  The more I learn, the more confident I become.  I’ll never be an expert, in fact I’m sure I’ll always feel a bit “green”. And that’s ok with me!  “It’s beautiful!”

PS: Living in a VERY Norwegian town doesn’t exactly foster the festivities of this green day.  So…we’ll just eat reubens tonight and call it good 🙂


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