Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Pattern Gone…

Oh where, oh where can it be????

I’m the type of knitter who starts a project, finishes a project, then on to the next project.   I suppose this also translates into many of my life ventures: 

  • Reading. Do you read multiple books at once? Not me. Too confusing, too much work. If I were to read more than one book Hermione might end up in a hot and heavy relationship with a theologian.  Although I don’t read often, when I do, it’s one book and one book only.
  • Baking.  Do you turn the mixer on just as you slide another pan into the oven and quickly turn around to grab ingredients for the next batch of goodies? I have found myself breathing heavily in this chaos more than once; however, I try to avoid it at all cost. It’s usually because the batter in the mixer becomes cement, the things in the oven turn crispy black, and I end up grabbing the baking soda instead of the powder. (and we all know how terrible that is!) Again, I love baking, but don’t clutter up my kitchen!
  • Knitting. You might already guess what may happen if I try to knit more than one project at a time. I’d probably throw it in the oven and shake baking soda all over it! Knit one project at a time…

Ashamedly so, I broke my golden rule and somehow found myself in the midst of more than one knitting project.  I still had my sister’s Christmas gift on the needles, (yes, Christmas had already passed) was working a new hat pattern on another set, and I had just been contracted to knit my first project for Berroco Yarn. I had become THAT lady.  With multiple projects on multiple needles, THIS lady learned a few things:

  • It’s OK to have a couple projects going at once.  Because I like to knit in my kitchen, in the car, at the coffee shop, in the living room…it’s convenient when one of the projects is easily transportable with easily remembered pattern instructions.  I can be certain to always have a project with me!
  • Make sure the pattern for all “on hold projects” is kept neatly with the project and away from the paper recycling pile. I skillfully misplaced the pattern I’d created for my sister’s leg warmers. Awesome.  Can’t quite remember anything…starting over with cast on and writing down EVERY step.
  • Knitting doesn’t end up in the oven.
  • I have a knitting addiction!

Now, what to knit????? Perhaps a leg warmer?


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