I’ll Fin’lly See A Summer Breeze Blow Away A Winter Storm…

And find out what happens to solid water when it gets warm! –“In Summer”  – from Frozen

Once again, the snow and lasting hail melted; hopeful that will be the final viewing of the unwelcome cold white stuff! With the warm, summer-like, breezes blowing through the bare branches, fair-weathered knitters neatly pack away until fall.  NOT ME!  I simply say, “What’s next?!” So many wonderful spring and summer knits out there, tough to pick only one. I peruse Ravelry for hours finding many cotton knits (perfect for spring and summer).  A light cardigan is the perfect layering intem for cool spring and summer evenings.  Not that adventurous?  Scarves in a great lace pattern and light DK or fingering weight are the accessory for spring and summer. Pair it with a tshirt and shorts or your cropped pants and layering cardigan! Imagine putting this ensemble together with your newly knitted scarf.  I definitely see this as a project possibility AFTER I finish these beach skirts for the girls. Yes, we are doing the first family road trip to Maine! With three munchkins, and all the car seats and beach toys in tote, I couldn’t even consider tackling the terminals.  And so with the new minivan purchase, we are packing up for Portland. Looking forward to family, friends, and lots of beach!

And so, the girls picked out the yarn for their beach skirts. Malabrigo Arroyo will be perfect for these fun flowing summer skirts; Ellie in Purpuras and Cecelia in Reflecting Pool.  Just after I finish my next Berroco project…

Excited to share this skirt adventure…


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