Don’t Bring Around A Cloud To Rain On My Parade…

“I gotta fly once, I gotta try once…” – Don’t Rain On My Parade from Funny Girl

This pattern stretches the boundaries of my knitting world and I LOVE it! Yes, I admit, I fell to the demons of self-doubt and uncertainty.  But only for fleeting moments…for I mastered the provisional cast on! Provisional cast on? Yes, I too, had not heard of this before. But again, thanks to modern technology and fabulous knitters “out there”, I quickly found my answer and great tutorial here.  Thank you Purl Bee for a great photo how-to. This is not the only method, mind you. However, after testing other possibilities, I do prefer the crochet method used in The Purl Bee Tutorial.  It’s easy enough for this mom to wrap her brain around. Provisional cast on allows you to return to your cast on stitches and knit from them. The stitches remain “available” for later knitting. And this is exactly what I needed in order to make the waist band of Cecelia’s skirt.

Here I am ready to pick up my cast on stitches

Here I’ve inserted needles into the cast on row and I’m ready to knit the two sides together (literally k2tog) to create room for the elastic.

And voila! A waistband!

This really makes this mom giddy! Love mastering new techniques and love getting that much closer to completing another project. Nothing can rain on this knitter’s parade.

In fact, I’ve been brushing up on my Funny Girl, as well as other Broadway  tunes and Eva Cassidy and Adele. Why? Well, yes, I do love just sitting at the piano and busting out old favorites  for the heck of it. BUT…I have my first gig at Tangled Hickory coming up next weekend! This knitter’s taking her song to the wine bar! Come and check it out, you might just fine a little “funny girl” sitting at the piano!


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