“longer than there’ve been fishes in the ocean…” – Longer by Dan Fogelberg

Yes, it has happened with skirt #2 as well.  Arrrrrgggggg! And so, I share my mistake in hopes that nobody reads this and says, “I did that too!”

I am currently pulling out the beautiful lace I began on Ellie’s skirt days ago due to my gut’s persistent scream of “LONGER!”  The exact same thing happened at nearly the exact same spot with Cecelia’s skirt. One might think I’d learn second time around; however, I found myself wrestling with the same question,”is this going to be long enough?”

Moral of the story: if you happen to knit this fabulous skirt, I suggest a longer body before beginning the lace.  My gauge is spot on (pat myself on the back), but because the lace is nearly 4 inches, I would rather the skirt actually cover those cute little buns. I found that adding a good half inch more was perfect. So, for size 4T, I knit until body (not including the waistband) measured just over 7 inches before going on.

Looking forward to starting MY skirt next. Third time WILL be a charm.


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