Hearts Leap In A Giddy Whirl…

from Wicked

I am giddy! A few months of quiet inner excitement feel like years of repressed joy. Not that I truly understand the reality of repressed joy, thankfully. But I can imagine.

It’s public. Berroco just released their Fall/Winter publications and my project made a front cover! Now, it’s not my design (that would be awesome, something to dream). This design is named Leighton by the talented Alison Green. However, it was knit by yours truly! Quite an experience of test knitting, tech editing, and learning a few knit tricks along the way.  Here’s the full spread:

If you’re looking for a fall challenge, this is the project! Super cute with a pair of Mary Jane’s to showcase the front cable. Or don it with a pair of boots and let the sweet cable peek over the top. Either way, fun to knit and fun to wear.

Yes, I’m giddy!


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