Pick a Little, Talk a Little…

“Cheep! Cheep! Cheep! Talk a lot, pick a little more” –from The Music Man

Communication is key. The alliteration is biting, but the truth rings harmoniously. An adage not to be taken lightly. This most recent  Berroco project is case in point. I have been busily knitting with a slight amount of intimidation, as this project screamed “difficult!” from the beginning. I overcame my initial trepidation as the pattern proved less intricate than I anticipated. A few questions here and there and I was well halfway finished. UNTIL…I came upon a snafoo that no matter how many times I calculated numbers, knit, tore out, and knit again; a solution was unthinkable. And so, I contacted my favorite Alison, and questioned the pattern. Her reply was far from what I envisioned: “There must’ve been some miscommunication. The cable pattern was meant for the pocket only. Not to be continued up the front of he sweater. Can you start over?” NOOOOOOOO! That was my first response. But reason quickly found me and I realized; not her fault. Not my fault. But together we were at fault. Email is a wonderful tool, but I can’t help but think that this could’ve been avoided had I simply called her instead. Many hours of knitting unraveled away as I languishly pulled out yard after yard.

Any tear-out tips out there? I may be a bit archaic in my technique but I just pull out the needles and start unraveling. I may go stitch by stitch if it’s only a row, but in this case I have no easier way than the old-fashioned pull and wind. (This is one of those rare times a yarn bowl would be sooooooo handy as now I have to go back and re-wind into a center pulling cake.)

And so here I am again. Beginning a big project, but this time with much less anxiety and worry than before. Perhaps a good thing! Next time, I’ll just call.😉


One thought on “Pick a Little, Talk a Little…

  1. Anonymous says:

    While there is empahty for the frustration or discouragement you must have felt while unraveling the garment and rewinding your yarn, it is, nevertheless, somehow comforting to know that even a talented and experienced knitter, such as you, sometimes has to endure that painful process.

    Happy reconstructing!

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