Longer Than There’ve Been Stars Up In The Heavens…

Longer – Dan Fogelberg

Dan Fogelberg came to mind yet again at 2am as I tirelessly whip-stitched the pocket linings of this never ending sweater. With every passing minute my eyelids heavied and my fingers moved ever slower. Endurance lurked in the very crevices of my being and after a LONG LONG run, this marathon ended. Accomplishment and sheer exhaustion fought to win me over. With my anticipated nap arriving shortly, I’m thinking exhaustion won.

Nevertheless, the project is finished and I am a better knitter because of it. This Berroco project ensured that I CAN:

I told Alison that this literal brain of mine doesn’t easily veer from the written pattern. The more I learn, however; especially from people like Alison, who know so much more than me, the more I comfortably understand this craft!

What’s your new recent knitting know-how? My niece Abby learned how to finish off a hat and weave in ends this week. Thanks to the magic of modern technology, the internet proved priceless as she and I videoconferenced and I was able to walk her through these new steps.  Me in Wisconsin, she in Illinois.

And now that I’m no longer prisoner to a beautiful sweater, I get to spend some much anticipated time free of the tangles! With an anniversary just celebrated, I reflect blissfully on the past nine years, thankful I’ve been blessed with yet another year of being loved by one fabulously supportive partner and three quite amazing little people. Life is good.

longer than there’ve been stars up in the heavens, I am in love with you!” 


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