Tiny Bubbles…

Tiny Bubbles – by Don Ho

This summer has been one of bubbles: battery operated bubble blowers, bubble lawn mowers, bubble whistles, and you’re good ol’fashioned bubble wands. It’s the great summer past time that captures the attention of every age, really. And this mom says, “Rainy day outside? Let’s blow bubbles inside!” We’ve gone through, I don’t know how many of those giant gallons of bubble refill. I’d like to think its because we’ve been outside blowing bubbles every day this summer.  But, mostly it’s because Liam loves to “dump” the bubbles. Again, this mom just says, “Sweet! We’re having fun!”

And I’ve been having fun just looking at my current knitting project. I’m not knitting anything for Berroco, no personal projects to begin, so I went back to something unfinished. The “Rosie Legwarmer” in its inception, was Cascade Heritage 150 using US 4, 9″ CIRCULAR!  Yes, I said it. 9″ CIRCULAR! Didn’t know they existed? Me neither! But they do and they are TINY! Cutest little things I’ve ever seen. Takes a minute to acquaint myself with these bad boys, but I’d much rather knit in the round if possible. This little bugger looks seamless, which I’m certain wouldn’t be the case if I were working with double pointed needles. Here’s some perspective:

Looking forward to seeing this project finished sooner than later. With a 24 hour road trip to Maine, I’m hopeful of their completion. My brain is racing right now, imagining these in size 6 month…oh the cuteness! Tiny leg warmers, here I come.


5 thoughts on “Tiny Bubbles…

  1. aunt marjory says:

    That circular needle certainly IS tiny!

    The pattern is also extremely interesting. What is it called?

    Happy knitting and ‘safe journey’.


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