The Falling Leaves…

“Drift by my window. The falling leaves of red and gold.” – Eva Cassidy Autumn Leaves 

Fall arrived! The crispness in the air, the warm sunshine and cool breezes, cuddling under comforters, fabulous scarves to accessorize a “much-needed-to be-accessorized mom”, freshly pressed cider, the smell of wood burners emerging from a long summer’s rest, and can I get a shout out for NO BUGS! Fall in Wisconsin just might be my favorite time of year.

Blogging took a back seat this month; and I’m guessing because of all the newness September brought: school starting, piano and voice lessons beginning, a fun trip to Seattle, school musical rehearsals, dance classes…and amidst all this, I knit swatches! Easy project to transport EVERYWHERE and a wonderful way to use up some yarn in the big tub. And I even learned a couple things:

  1. Add a ribbing. I added a ribbing of garter stitch around the entire sample. This helps the swatch lay flatter. Well, of course it does! Obviously, this is not a new concept and has likely been advised by many wiser before me. But, it’s true.
  2. Wash. Washing the swatch makes a significant difference both in fiber feel and gauge. Be sure to follow care instructions on the label. For instance, don’t throw it in the wash if it’s not superwash!

Berroco Ultra Alpaca (purplish) , Cascade Heritage 150 (ivory), Malabrigo Arroyo (verigated)

I’m excited about my upcoming design. This piece, I’ve decided, will be for my mom. Appropriately, so, as she was the one who taught me to knit, and the one who continues to teach me new things every day. Again, at times, I feel a bit unable to focus my thoughts; however, the yarn is chosen (Berocco Ultra Alpaca), the structure of the piece is decided (light, flowing shrug), and now it’s just fine-tuning the stitch pattern. Excited to share this process and arrive at a final product.

With the change in season, I’m noticing changes in my own family; as if we’re entering a new season of our own. The kids are quickly growing. Cecelia’s latest self challenge is to read through the entire Where The Sidewalk Ends book of poetry in succession. She also just transcribed for me, in Spanish, a song she learned in music class (and added a few pictures to indicate the accompanying actions). Eleanor always has something to say. “Certainly” is a favorite adverb of hers, and always used correctly, I might add. Liam quickly transformed from my little baby to my little man; putting his own shoes on, expanding his vocabulary immensely, and keeping up quite well with his older sisters.

This growing independence in our kids has given a taste of adult independence again. For a long while, much of my focus centered around the constant giving to three little munchkins. Now, I find myself more and more, being able to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee for more than 15 minutes. I no longer have to bring a baby into the shower with me and finish in world record speed. (Although, if I don’t hurry, I still sometimes find wonderful surprises like all the spices poured out on the floor, or toothpaste spiraling in the toilet.) For the first time in a few years, Trevor and I were able to take a long weekend trip to Seattle, just the two of us. 96 hours of pure adult time! But like the fall, having to say goodbye to the warmth of summer, this too comes with bittersweetness. My babies aren’t babies anymore. Those years, although often times feeling like forever moments, are already fleeting. And as we excitedly anticipate the changing colors of the leaves, I anticipate with the same excitement, watching my family grow into something even more sweet and wonderful. I find daily glimpses of what the future holds for us as a family; while trying diligently to never wish away today. These days are precious!


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