September In Seattle…

September in Seattle – by Shawn Mullins

We enjoyed a long weekend in September, visiting my brother in Seattle. I did the unthinkable and left my knitting in Wisconsin. No, not by accident; completely intentional. Had I been in the middle of a project, I likely would have brought it along. But I didn’t, and I was too lazy to come up with a quick project on the fly.  And so, my hope was to spend some time visiting Seattle yarn shops and perhaps start a project while out there. Hope is the keyword. I found a few local shops, and sadly, my hope was crushed. Call me crazy, but I go into a yarn shop not for the yarn.  Ironic? Yes. I have a fabulous LYS right out my backdoor in Viroqua, and so I seldom look for something I can’t find there or online. Rather, I go into a yarn shop looking for local knitting flare, I’ll call it. Things such as: locally made stitch holders, needle cases, yarn bowls, specialized needles, or even silly tshirts only knitters would like. And did I find any of this? Nope. In fact, I only saw one person knitting the whole time I visited the city. And I VISITED this city. We walked over 5.5 miles each day, up and down insanely large hills, in and out of endless cafes and bars, and only one knitter! I wish I had taken a picture of her. She had the yarn wrapped around her neck. My first thought was, “Genius! What a great way to keep tension.” That night I googled knitting around the neck and what do you know…Yet another thing about knitting of which I was unaware. This just may be an answer to my occasionally sore knitting wrists. Check it out! 

I got completely sidetracked with the shrug project for my mom and in the meantime, started a scarf for her instead. I declare myself the queen of ripping out as I have knit, ripped out, and started over I don’t know how many times. Not that any of the stitches I started were bad, just not “right” for what I had in mind for mom. Until now. It’s gorgeous, yummy and perfect green color for fall. I love accenting a fall orange with a great green and this is it!

Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Seedling

Excited for this pattern?! I am. Try something new this week, perhaps Portuguese knitting in Seattle? Happy knitting!


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