A new world calls across the ocean. A new world calls across the sky. A new world whispers in the shadows. Time to fly, time to fly.  – “A New World” from Songs For A New World by Jason Robert Brown

I’ve been listening to Songs For A New World quite often lately, as students are beginning to pick their musical theatre piece for this year’s Solo&Ensemble. I immediately gravitate to this music for a couple reasons:

  1. The music stirs my insides. The compelling rhythms, lyric melodies, thought provoking lines, and not to mention fabulous voices make these songs something that everyone should have the opportunity to hear. 
  2. It’s one of those shows that just doesn’t get the attention it deserves from many music teachers. I’m a sucker for the “unconventional” and so, I make a point to bring new songs to their attention.
  3. It’s completely nostalgic for me. These songs are my graduate school years. Great music from a great period in my life.

But this song gives new insight today as I’m no longer in grad school, no longer performing these pieces myself, but teaching my students how to perform them.  New days…

New pattern published. New blog format launched. New pattern in the works. New ideas cluttering my thoughts. 

My mom has yet to receive her new scarf. In the meantime, I enjoyed a random pattern giveaway via Facebook and have put some time into reworking the blog. Hoping to find the update visually clearer, more easily navigable, and a bit more “me”. I’m giving all my patterns face lifts and spending more energy on TheSingingKnitter.

It’s interesting to see that my days allow for more time spent on something I enjoy. Bittersweet, perhaps; as this also means the kiddos are getting older and our little family is once again changing. I think I just found myself at the end of an era as I opened up my prenatal vitamins and only saw two tablets laying “oh-so-lonely” on the bottom. Times are changing. New world coming…

My indulgent hour arrived at 1:00pm today. Liam quietly napping. Girls enjoying a sunny afternoon at school. And all I hear is the steady tic of our living room clock. A deafening quiet that is all too easily disturbed by the creative noises in my brain. Instead of finding myself frazzled, I welcome the stillness as I sip my Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin coffee and adore this “me” moment. 

Hoping we can all find these “me” moments in our day. Moments to indulge our spirits and enjoy life’s good things. 


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