I Only Have Eyes For You…

“I can’t see anyone but you” – The Flamingos

I am an unashamed monogomous knitter. Call me a one project kinda girl and I will stand up and raise my hand proudly. Why? Life proves to be less convoluted. My head stays clearer when I dedicate my undivided attention to one project. I’m not having to try to remember where I was or what I was doing. I get into a groove and just knit. No worries of one project turning out better than the other. No jealousy. No envy. Just me and my project. A perfect love story. I’m not saying my eyes don’t wander every once in a while. I do find myself occasionally temptated by a gorgeous new yarn, or fabulous pattern; but those moments are fleeting. One look at the current project and I’m reminded of how far I’ve come and how satisfying it will be to hold the finished project.

Then there’s today. Today I finished a project. Today I also picked up an unfinished project that had been set aside due to something more pressing. And this is why I’m reminded I should never do it again. The internal dialogue went something like this: Where was I? What was I doing? How many knit stitches do I need? Urgggg! I detest this feeling of starting over. Perhaps I should take better notes. Perhaps I should be more organized. Perhaps I should just remain a one project knitter. 

The Fields Of Gold pattern is on its way. Just as soon as I finish this other project…



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