We’ll Walk In Fields of Gold…

Fields of Gold – sung by Eva Cassidy

This may be my favorite design so far. For many reasons:

  1. Vesatility at its best. Want the infinity look? Button it up. Want a classic scarf look? Unbutton! Love it. Just be certain to use a light weight button so it doesn’t pull and weigh down the whole piece. 
  2. Yummy colors. Cecelia and I had a specific color palette in mind (sunflower fields). Just so happened the perfect colors were sock/fingering weight yarns. I’ve wanted to do something other than socks in sock yarn and this was the perfect project. But because I was looking for more body and structure in the scarf, I decided to double up -two strands at a time. It turned out. Perfect drape without being too limp.
  3. Texture. Just all kinds of goodness going on here. Lace, stockinette, buttons, colors…all without being too much. 
  4. The story. I knew that when this project was dreamed in my thoughts it would be special. Every decision had Haley and her mom in mind. And doubly awesome, I fittingly named this pattern with a favorite song in mind. I was absolutely thrilled to give this to Ms. Fauske.

class scarf unbuttoned

    infinity scarf buttoned

    Indulge yourself with this great accessory! 


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