Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful…

“Beautiful boy” – Beautiful Boy by John Lennon

Liam curls up on my lap, snuggled all cozy in his little monster footies. White cotton blankie draped over both of us. And before the bedtime lullabies begin, he turns around, looks up at me, and with two tiny hands, cups my face and says, “Beautiful, beautiful. Ever.” M.E.L.T. Now, this little munchkin also thinks fresh snow on the ground is beautiful, but I’ll take it. And before our playlist of lullaby songs finishes, this song began playing. How beautifully appropriate…

A Berroco box arrived on my doorstep! This is always an exciting moment – what kind of yarn do I get to work with this time?! Its Berroco Maya in a denim blue. (Almost grey) I think this might be my new favorite neutral color. It looks fabulous with browns, navy, black and ivories. The yarn is a cotton blend and I love the weight. I’m a fan of light layering cardigans and this might just be the ticket. Don’t tell my mom, but I’m half wishing I had handled this yarn before starting her shrug. Knit on US8, this has great drape, without stretching, and a fabulous feel. Perfect for a light cardigan. Perhaps another project, another time.

I’ve already learned a fun new stitch. It’s basically a [sl1, k1, psso], but you slip 2 stitches instead. You may see this stitch abbreviated as CDD: central double decrease. This keeps your decrease stitch aligned vertically, without the lean to the left (as in sl1,k1,psso), or the lean to the right (as in k2tog). Fancy! First time for everything…

On this particular evening, I imagined the day my little boy, in all his sweetness and sincerity, tells another person they’re beautiful. My wishes for you, Liam, are many. But tonight, I get to be the one to indulge myself in this tender moment – My beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy.


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