Monday, Monday, So Good To Me…

“Monday morning, it was all I hoped it would be…” –The Mamas and The Papas

Mondays seemingly turn into “catch up” day at my house.  The laundry that gets neglected over the weekend somehow reaches a monstrous high by Monday morning. On Mondays I can uncover toys (that typically have homes in cubbies and baskets) under the kitchen table, in the tupperware drawer, under couch cushions and in the dishwasher. Today might have been even more magnified due to the past two weeks of no school, festivities, traveling, fevers, throwing up, and coughs. Back to reality. Back to a schedule. Which isn’t all that bad. I enjoy a little routine, especially if it means a little afternoon “me” time spent with my favorite duo: knitting and coffee.

My latest Berroco project went into the mail. And like many knitters right now, I too have a 2016 knitting wish list:

  1. Skirt for me.
  2. Hats for the family.
  3. Scarves for the family.
  4. Long sleeved tunic sweater for me.
  5. Afterthought thumb mittens.

I’ll tackle that list just after I finish the current project. Still working on a special design shrug for my mom. I have that same feeling when gearing up the gumption to start the second sock. The excitement for this project has dwindled and I’m dragging my feet due to a little lack of inspiration. Hoping to channel my creative Ely and finish this beauty!

And now, off to bed. Laundry still in piles and toys scattered about. Bring it on Tuesday!


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