It’s A Story Of A Lovely Lady…

I’m sure you can guess the inspiring tune for this blog title. Great title, but perhaps this tune rings more appropriately. Although the Brady Bunch is an iconic television family, I have a feeling the lovely lady in this story will be even more…

  • Her name IS Kristin McQueen and she does live outside Chicago.
  • She IS having a brain surgery in February. This will be her 12th brain surgery, in fact!
  • Kristin has cancer and has suffered from Trigeminal Neuralgia for the past 9 years. Possibly the most excruciating pain a human can know.
  • Kristin is an ironwoman. She is training to compete in her 15th ironman in Madison, WI this coming September!
  • Kristin is a giver. Single-handedly, she has raised over $150,000 for cancer research.

I am confident this list of amazing attributes, and incomprehensible life circumstances continues on. Anyone who knows her personally, I’m certain, could add and add to this brief bio. I learned more about Kristin just minutes after posting my previous blog. I stumbled upon this link that my friend Lexie had posted on Facebook. My jaw dropped and all I could think is, This is THE KRISTIN! The same Kristin, who for the past week has been on my mind, inspiring me to design and create. The same Kristin, about whom I knew vey little, and yet for whom I felt called to begin The Kristin Collection. The same Kristin that has been, unbeknownst to me and hundreds of thousands of others, journeying an extraordinarily courageous life.

I feel honored to create something for someone so special, so strong, so humble. And if any of you also feel compelled to give, please do so here. And my part? I will donate all proceeds made from the sales of this pattern to Kristin. Want the pattern? Want to give to an amazingly lovely woman? Buy the pattern now! All pattern proceeds are going her way. Here’s to you, Krstin! Fight the fight. Win this race!


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