You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar…

“You hear my voice, you hear that sound. Like thunder gonna shake the ground.” – Roar by Katy Perry

So much excitement surrounding today! Never before has my excitement for an election ever superceded my excitement for anything else. Not even knitting. Until today. 

Before today, I checked the newest poll reports. I would read the political blogs and the news headlines. I attended the local rally. My lawn signs waved front and center. I even ran after a motorcade, IN MY SLIPPERS, thinking it was my favorite candidate passing through town! All in anticipation for today.

And today, I still checked the latest polls (the favorability of my favorite continues to rise!), I still read the blogs and news headlines (chuckling at the interesting pronounciations of places like Waukesha, Sheboygan, Oconomowoc), and I still have my lawn sign blowing in the breeze. The big difference between yesterday and today, I voted!!! Excited about my civic freedoms and responsibilities. Excited about feeling for the first time that my vote actually counts. Excited that I have a candidate whom I can proudly support; someone who represents honesty, integrity, and social justice amidst a deeply broken political system. 

All this excitement is only magnified by the resurrection of The Baby Butterscotch. Syttende Mai festivities in Westby begin just over a month from now. Every past year, I wished I had a small lawn table set up with knitting gifts for passerbyers to peruse. Our location couldn’t be more opportune for something like this. And so this is the year! Baby hats will make an appearance for certain. Perhaps pattern sets as well? Maybe even something patriotic and Norwegian. Time will tell…

And in a few short hours, you just might hear enthusiastic bursts of excitement coming from Westby. You’re gonna hear me roar!


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