Uff Da…

Ja Vi Elsker – Norwegian National Anthem
Ya, ya, don’tcha know. Life gets busy! A great idea quickly found itself squashed by the flittering of snowflakes and near freezing temperatures. Syttende Mai (May 17th), a celebration commemorating the signing of Norway’s constitution declaring their independence, brings excitement to our little Westby each year. My excitement heightened not only in anticipation of our family favorites: the kiddie parade, the kiddie pedal tractor pull competition, and the kiddie bike race, but this year I finally knit up some goods. I looked forward to having a small table in our yard filled with my makings , kids crafts, and scrumptious sea salt/chocolate chip cookies. Then. It. Snowed. Yes, small snow flakes flurried through the air on May 17th this year and we wore long underware, hats, and mittens. I did not have a table in my yard. The kids did not make bracelets. I did not bake chocolate chip cookies. Instead, we bundled up and braved the unseasonably crisp air for only short minutes at a time; retreating periodically back home to warm our cheeks and sip hot chocolate.

Since then, I completed another Berroco project.

Such fine fiber, and quite a delicate pattern. Not something I enjoyed knitting, but appreciative for the experience. 

I hope to begin knitting Kai sooner than later. I don’t have a local vendor who sells Indigo in store and find difficulty buying yarn online if I haven’t yet worked with it. In this case, I have worked with Indigo and surprisingly adored it’s loveliness. My hesitation; however, is color ambiguity. I can’t settle on a color. I’m torn between “cutt-offs” and “flare”. I’d love some thoughts on color from anyone who has experience with either?!

Creativity remains stagnant at the moment. May seemed to rob me of”me time”. And with that, I feel a bit removed from the usual. Perhaps this is a good thing, though, as I found myself in constant query: “What now?” “What do I want to be when I grow up?” “How can I make dreams reality?” Baby steps. I anticipate these small steps bringing great future endeavors.

And now it’s June. I have beautiful newborn baby hats knit cutely packaged. Perhaps a fall yard sale is in order…


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