Here Comes The Bride…

Here comes the bride… – Richard Wagner’s Lohengrin

The tune is recognized by nearly everyone, and yet I’m guessing nearly everyone has little knowledge that this overly used wedding march actually comes from an opera! In fact, it comes from the hand of one of the most well-known opera composers, Richard Wagner. The familiar tune, “The Bridal Chorus” is tucked within a larger movement, and although you rarely ever hear the lyrics sung during a typical wedding processional, the chorus is actually sung by the women of the wedding party, AFTER the ceremony as they walk the bride (Elsa) to her chamber.  The full movement is worth a listen…

I’m not certain I’ve ever attended a wedding and felt such ease, such contentment, such joy…until this past weekend. My sister’s wedding came and went and was quite possibly the perfect day.  The entire celebration happened at Ecker’s Apple Farm; a beautiful family Apple farm near the banks of the Mississippi. Leah could have had a nice outdoor wedding anywhere, but the Ecker family made certain this was one-of-a-kind. Their complete attention to detail, their immediate response in times of need, their ability to forsee and offer suggestions before problems arose, their creative design…none of this went unnoticed. Such a wonderful group of people; looking forward to a return trip for apple picking, and beer drinking. 

Now that the wedding is over, and I can concentrate on things other than wedding flowers (if you ever contemplate doing your own flowers, do it! Super easy and financially worthwhile), I’m excited to get back to the giant king sized coverlet. I ordered my ginormous US 25 needles from KnitDesignStudio.

The wonders of modern technology – I was able to order these straight from Marina in The Ukraine. They made it to my doorstep in such a short time, all cutely tied with jute. Love supporting small business owners – even small business owners across the ocean. 

Although Bridget initially wanted a wool blend (top swatch), the synthetic (bottom swatch) won both our votes. The color, although tough to differentiate here, is a nicer neutral; has better stitch definition; better loft, thicker and heavier; surprisingly softer; just overall a nicer end result. Excited to start knitting this beast! Here comes the beast…here comes the bride!


2 thoughts on “Here Comes The Bride…

  1. aunt marjory says:

    Oh, Tara! You are so creative and fun! Thanks for the history of the Bridal march; it is extremely interesting. A question for you about the coverlet/’beast’. Is it possible that the weight of the wool yarn might also have made the final project heavier? Have sometimes considered working on a similar project (not as lovely as yours will be, but ‘something’:>); but the weight of the final project has caused me to wonder…all that investment of time and work for something ‘heavy’. I agree that the lower swatch has a better overall ‘look’, although everything you do becomes lovely. With all you do, you are amazing to undertake such a ‘beast’! Have fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It definitely will be heavy 🙂 she wants a bed “comforter” type. If I was doing a couch throw, I’d perhaps try an even larger size needle, to give it more stretch and air. But I wanted more substance for this project, so I’m just crossing my fingers 🙂 just for perspective this is going to take upwards of 40+ skeins! It’s a quick knit, but definitely will be an adventure.


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