This “Post’s” For You…

To two “aunties” who delight in my delights and encourage me from afar…Aunt Marjory and Aunt Janet, this one’s for you! I have to chuckle that the first song that came to mind was a  beer jingle. Appropriate coming from Wisconsin, right?
The latest project is finally well under way. I spent hours knitting swatches, finding a consistent gauge, casting on and knitting 6 full skeins of yarn; only then to find that I completely disliked my design and my gauge was, of course, wrong (due to the stretch resulting from the weight of the blanket).  One stitch every 4 inches added on nearly 30 extra inches! Frustration, yes. Perseverance, of course. I tore out the hours of work (along with some head hairs I’m certain) and the result was something I’d never seen before. I’m not claiming world record size, although perhaps that should be my next venture. Not quite two full basketballs in size, and denser than my three year old Liam, this yarn ball was impressive! And why didn’t I take a photo???

Good news in all this is a larger gauge (4 stitches per 4 inches instead of 5 stitches) actually means less yarn and less yarn means less money. A win-win for both me and the buyer. And I have to say, I’m much more pleased with the design…

We’re smooth sailing now. Just 30 more skeins of yarn…

Hugs from Wisconsin to Maine, Aunt Janet and Aunt Marjory!


4 thoughts on “This “Post’s” For You…

  1. aunt marjory says:

    Lovely! Whenever i am in the position of having to unravel hours of knitting (and wondering whether the yarn will then remain in the ‘curly’ state:>:), i find myself putting it away for a bit, just ‘putting off the inevitable’. :>) The joy, however, of finding the better way of doing the project after ‘the inevitable’ has been attended to, is absolutely lovely! Your project is beautiful. Love the pattern. Enjoy the next 30 skeins worth! Thank you, Tara.

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