Look At This Stuff…

” look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?” –  Part Of Your World, The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is an interesting phenomenon – a Disney animated movie that stole my heart as a young 10 year old; singing Part of Your World over and over and over again as my fingers followed along on the ivories (literally – my parents had an old up-right piano given to them with original ivory keys!).  After 27 years, the piano hopefully found a home with another eager 10 year old,  but the book remains with me! The binding completely wasted away, but the pages found a new home in a folder among other very much loved music. Who knew years would pass and I would once again be captured by this same tale, this time; however, adapted by a composer that tugs at my Czech heart-strings: Dvorak. Dvorak wrote Rusalka around 1900, with it’s first public performance in 1901. My most favorite aria comes from this opera: Rusalka’s song to the moon. I haven’t had the joy of singing this over and over again at my piano, but perhaps someday I’ll find a time to do a recital performance of this piece. Bucket list.

And speaking of mermainds…knit mermaid tail blankets have popped up all over the internet. My girls somehow caught glimpse of one, and of course it found it’s way to their 2016 Christmas list. The yarn purchased months ago, and I’m just now starting to create something that will hopefully resemble a mermaid tail. I scoured images online, hoping to find something I could simply whip up and make from pattern, but nothing passed approval. Disappointing in one sense, but encouraging to know that I will hopefully introduce something new and unique to this exploding blanket phenomenon. I hoped for a quick-knit project, and although not exactly shaping up to be such, the stitch pattern is turning out better than anticipated! Slightly accidental?

Which leads me to construction techniques…I like to “plan”, draw out the project, calculating most likely steps while always leaving room for adaptations along the way. This project does not follow the norm. It is very much fly-by-my-seat. Knit along the way. Cross my fingers it turns out. It is a total experimental knit. Right now, I have no idea what’s going to happen at the tail, but I’ll worry about that when the time comes.

I just finished a fall preview piece for Berroco, and I always enjoy  knitting for them, as it’s a great opportunity to learn other’s design techniques, how pieces can be assembled and created. I’m intrigued… are you fly-by-your-seat, or calculate-to-the-last-stitch? Perhaps a combination of both? This is definitely a fly-by-my-seat, and much to my surprise, I’m OK with that! As proven with my AlexaRae mittens, uncertainties, and miscalculations often create beauty. I’m thinking this create-by-intuition technique, coupled with good knitting knowledge, is breaking down my “safe knitting walls” and expanding my knitting horizons. It’s totally neat.


2 thoughts on “Look At This Stuff…

  1. aunt marjory says:

    Looks neat, as all of your projects do, Tara. Are you increasing on both ends of every other row to create the tail and then increasing again on the ends of every other row to create the remainder of the blanket. Love what you have so far…also love the marine/varigated yarn which adds to the theme. What talent you have…..Thank you for sharing the results of your ‘fly-by-the-seat’and/or ‘calculate it out ahead of starting’ methods…takes lots of talent, dear gal!

    Love listening to Dvorak’s ‘New World Symphony’…will have to try to find the area “Sone to the Moon’ online. :>)

    What a lovely multi-talented wife and mama you are!

    Always fun to read your posts. Thanks, dear lady.

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    • Thanks aunt Marjory! I’m actually knitting top down. It’s beginning as more of a blanket at the top that then about halfway down turns into a “cocoon” (I’ll join and knit in the round at that point). Then I’m thinking I’ll decrease much like the top of a hat but rather than binding off, then I’ll continue to “grow” the tail. Not sure if that makes sense and not sure how it will work at this point, but I’ll keep you posted 🙂 if you click on the highlighted word in my post it should take you right to a YouTube clip of the music!


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