Figure It Out Friday

After many hours deciphering endless knitting abbreviations; trying to make sense of what exactly I needed to accomplish with my needles and yarn, a revelation enlightened me: I’m not alone! I often feel that knitters everywhere know how to do every stitch possible and I’m the only one left in the dark. And furthermore, just because I figured out an abbreviation once, doesn’t mean I remember what to do when I stumble upon that same cryptic code once again. And so, today, I begin the first of many “Figure It Out Friday’s”. This will be a place where I share my knitting confusions and revelations. Hopefully clarifying the roadblocks I stumble upon in my everyday knitting.

Today’s tutorial is a clarification for English Knitters. I’ve stumbled upon the following series of stitches in lace work: (Yo sl1 k1 psso) This was extremely confusing for me, as I naturally wanted to do the first instruction in the series first! I was forever trying to yarn over at the beginning of this series. What I didn’t realize at the time is that this series of stitches is carried out differently depending upon whether you are an English knitter or a Continental Knitter (threat topic for another Friday).  And rather than write out the instructions, take a peek at today’s video. Hopefully this sheds some insightful light! Follow this link to view today’s Figure It Out Friday tutorial of yo sl1 k1 psso. Hope you got it figured out! Happy Friday! Happy Knitting!


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