Figure It Out Friday – What’s in this sock?

My husband has an engineer’s brain. Directions are his friend. Taking apart gadgets, only to reassemble with a newfound better performance, is a frequent past time. He thrives on knowing how something is assembled and why it functions as it does. This most definitely is not how MY brain operates. In fact, I am the opposite. Don’t care how my phone is put together or why it does the things it does. Just want it to work! Don’t care how my DVD player is assembled. Just glad it plays movies! For the most part, my interest lies not in the why or how, but rather in the doing. As long as I can remember, I have knitted pattern after pattern not once thinking about why or how I end up with a completed sock. UNTIL NOW!

A few months back, I nearly tore my friend’s sweater off her back. I loved the design, and kept thinking, “I could so knit that! I must figure out how to make that!” Such a newfound thought for this singing knitter. I actually cared about how that piece of knit goodness was constructed! WHAT?!?!  Since then, and since delving deeper into my own designing, the how and why of knitting has intrigued this curious crafter.

For Christmas, I was gifted a great pair of cabin socks from  my mom. My first thought after putting them on and gushing over their amazing feel on my feet, was “I want to knit these!” And so my inquiry began:

What are these cuddly cuties made of? There was such spring in this step. Soft, not scratchy. Stretchy, not stiff. As I pulled and prodded, I noticed elastic thread knit into the very top ribbing of the cuff. I considered knitting the entire sock with elastic, perhaps that would create the stretch I felt? But that would take ALOT of thread to knit a pair of socks. Off to Ewetopia, my favorite LYS, where Lisa shared with me CoBaSi by HiKoo. This is a non-wool fiber made of COtton BAmboo SIlk…AND ELASTIC NYLON! Yup, this yarn has elastic spun right into it, giving it a fabulous stretch!

See the elastic thread knit alongside?

CoBaSi tonal close up

Peek at how CoBaSi knits up

It’s feels awesome on my skin. Stretchy. Great stitch definition. Fabulous color options (solids and multi). It’s a win! Not only a great match for my sock venture, but I can imagine coming back to this for future projects. If you’re thinking anything baby, this will be ideal for summer sweaters, jumpers, skirts, dresses, baby socks. Options are many.

Ewetopia didn’t have two same hanks but that didn’t stop me. Grabbed two un-matching hanks. And off to knit my un-matching toe-up socks!

Wait, how do I knit toe-up socks?! For another day…


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