Aha! Moments – Reinforcing Thread

4 years ago, I knit little Liam a great hat out of Lang Yarn’s Jawoll sock yarn. It was a fabulous superwash self patterning sock yarn. It made for a great looking hat that I now coin as “the hat that keeps on giving”. Liam wore the hat then and still pulls this great piece over his ears on these frigid winter days.

Liam sporting “the hat”

When I began knitting this piece, over 4 years ago, remember…I knew nothing of Jawoll sock yarn. Just thought it looked nice, felt good, and loved the self patterning look. But when I got the yarn back home and opened up the hank to begin knitting, this bobbin of matching thread was nestled right inside the middle of the skein! It struck me completely odd! I had no idea what it was. I honestly thought it was simply sample thread. Perhaps got stuck in there on accident?! But it struck me oddly enough, that even after 4 years, I still was holding on to this cute little bobbin of thread.

Fast forward 4 years later, to January 2018. I became intrigued with sock construction. I am a sucker for cozy socks and began my quest to knit the perfect pair. Well, with my feet as hard as they are on socks, I began investigating and pondering ways to beef up the construction of a knit sock. My first thought was a way to basically ‘reinforce” those spots that wear the quickest in my socks (heels an soles). I thought I could double up my strands in those areas and just knit with more yarn giving it more stability?

To Google I went. I simply asked how I might be able to reinforce knit socks. You won’t believe what Google found: Jawoll Reinforcement Bobbins. I immediately clicked and saw that cute little bobbin of thread I had found when making Liam’s hat 4 years ago! I began reading, and had the biggest Aha! Moment of my knitting life:

Jawoll sock yarn contains a bobbin of matching thread intended to be used when knitting the heels and toes of your socks. For reinforcement purposes!

!!!!!!! This yarn company is genius! So excited to finally know what that cute bobbin of thread was, all these years later. And can’t wait to knit my next pair of socks with my  matching reinforcement thread.

If you’re wanting to knit a piece that looks great, wears wonderfully for years, can be washed, and looks like you’re a knitting genius – try Jawoll sock yarn colors by Lang Yarns. There’s a fun little surprise hidden in the middle!!!


2 thoughts on “Aha! Moments – Reinforcing Thread

  1. Marjory MacLeod says:

    Our Grammy Lyons (and other knitters of quality knit products – socks; sweaters, etc) would always also include a small amount of the yarn from which something had been made to be given (sold) with the garment. In this case, the extra bit of matching yarn (in those days ‘matching dye lots aso had to be considered in every case, as well) was for mending; darning, etc. Given this past experience, my own mind would have gone to that use for the bobbin of extra yarn. Thanks, AGAIN, Tara, for telling us all about the sock yarn you use….wonderful idea to reinforce especially the heels!

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