About Me

My name is Tara Lyons and I am a singing knitter. Singing started in my wee years. In fact, I faintly recall my first paid gig: on a table at Shakey’s Pizza, singing “Tomorrow”. I think I brought home an entire quarter! Through the years, I’ve studied countless hours about this beautiful art and had the pleasure of performing with phenomenal ensembles in incredible spaces. The unfortunate thing is; more often than not, singing feels more like work and less like a hobby. And that’s Ok, I guess.

I also adore all things knitting.  I recall my mom first teaching me to crochet and I made everyone I knew an afghan. Knitting naturally followed once I mastered the coordination of holding two needles and yarn at the same time. More than anything, the act of knitting is what drew me into this creative art. Therapeutic for certain. The monotonous motion of moving needles and yarn has always been soothing – especially all cozied up on a couch under a warm blanket watching a classic film.

As I’ve evolved into a wife and mother, I search out new ways to also evolve as a musician and knitter. During “my spare time” I work as Adjunct Voice Faculty in The Music Theatre/Theatre Dept at Viterbo University. I maintain a private voice and piano studio. I coach the high school musical. I accompany school choirs. I sample knit for a great New England yarn company. And I’m expanding my knitting knowledge and diving into my own designing. This blog is my attempt to combine my job and my hobby; two things I thoroughly enjoy : singing and knitting…


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