CeCe Peek-A-Boo

I admit, I have bought store fleece-lined hats for my kids! It killed me every time, but I wanted to ensure their precious heads were kept cozy during our frigid Wisconsin winters. I studied the construction of the hats and usually scoffed; thinking I should be able to easily construct something similar. But winters come and winters go, and I never ventured into lining a knit hat – until now! I immediately envisioned a lacy pattern where a colored fleece gently peeked out from behind the holes. Mission accomplished. And versatile too! Pom-pom? No pom-pom? Lined? Unlined? If you’re wanting a fall variation of this hat, perhaps unlined without a pom-pom. It’s a great classic piece that will fit any occasion. This cozy creation passes all inspections!

This is a one size pattern, but can easily be sized down for a smaller child, or for a more stretched lacier look. Buy pattern HERE!

Eleanor & Liam

This great hat was born from scraps. I found a variety of colors in my Cascade 128 stash. It’s a bulky yarn (nice for quick projects) and superwash (good for kids wear and tear). A unique aspect of this pattern is that you knit from the inside-out on alternating stripes. My daughter is left-handed and we’ve quickly realized that left-hand knitting results in different construction. It was that exact difference that I needed to create a spiraling weaving herringbone. And so, if you’re an ambidextrous knitter, you can simply “left-hand” knit the alternating stripes. I haven’t quite conquered that, and so instead, I turn my work and knit from the inside out – same outcome!

Sizes are for fitting following head circumferences:

  • 3-6mo: 17″
  • 1-2yr: 19″
  • 3-10yr: 21″
  • teen/adult: 22″

As long as you don’t tightly pull the sl2 stitches, you will get a nice 2” positive ease to this hat.

It’s a quick and extremely good looking hat. Fun to knit. Great gift. Definitely something a beginner knitter can tackle. Purchase pattern HERE!

The Moxie

My husband seldom finds himself the recipient of any of my knitting projects, until now! This hat began with him in mind and ended with him snuggled up on the couch wearing a new hat. I wanted to compliment his sporty new L.L.Bean jacket, while ensuring he finally experience the goodness of Malabrigo Worsted. I was uncertain of this color at first. Just not confident it would knit up and highlight the colors I hoped. However, something inside kept saying this might be surprisingly perfect. I wanted a fair-aisle look, without all the fair-aisle color work. I decided on a pattern that would perhaps “mix up” the color order a bit. The slipped cable stitches are definitely highlighted against the contrasting background.  The slight slouch is subtle. And good news is, in another color, this might just be a perfect hat for me too; a versatile hat for him or her! Moxie’s all around…And if you’ve never tasted it’s sweet goodness, a Moxie soda is a one-of-a-kind beverage, paired perfectly with this one-of-a-kind hat.  Purchase pattern HERE!

Wisteria – The Kristin Collection


This pattern began with a Facebook message from an old college friend, Lexie. I haven’t seen her since I graduated 15 years ago! Thanks to technology, she found me, and asked for my help in creating something special for her friend, Kristin who is awaiting a major surgery in which she’ll have to shave her entire head. Lexie wanted to gift Kristin with a one-of-a-kind hat to keep her warm post-surgery. I created Kristin her very own, made-just-for-her hat, and after soon finishing that first hat, I realized many things about Kristin:
• This will be Kristin’s 12th brain surgery
• Kristin has been fighting cancer and (TN) Trigeminal Neuralgia for the past nine years
• Kristin is currently training for her 15th ironman race!
• Kristin has raised (single-handedly) over $150,00 for cancer research – never keeping any of it for herself.
After hearing about this amazing Kristin, I wanted to contribute and help her in whatever way I could. A person with such selflessness deserves not only her own hat, but her own collection of hats! Just might be a great winter running hat! Enjoy Wisteria…the second hat of The Kristin Collection.  Purchase pattern HERE!

Blue – The Kristin Collection
This pattern began with a Facebook message from an old college friend, Lexie. I haven’t seen her since I graduated 15 years ago! Thanks to technology, she found me, and asked for my help in creating something special for her friend, Kristin. Kristin is awaiting a major surgery, in which she’ll have to shave her entire head. Lexie wanted to gift Kristin with a one-of-a-kind hat to keep her warm post-surgery. Of course I could knit her any old hat, but thought she deserved her very own, made-just-for-her hat. Kristin lives outside of Chicago which immediately brought visions of the bright blue waves of Lake Michigan on a warm summer day. I visited my LYS looking for the perfect delicate hug for Kristin’s newly shaved head; not itchy, not scratchy, just soft and warm. I laid my eyes on Indigo (Malabrigo Worsted) and I was finished. I love working with Malabrigo yarns, and Worsted is a longtime favorite. And so I began knitting…the first of The Kristin Collection.

This is a quick, advanced beginner knit. For those wanting to dabble in cable work, this is a low maintenance, easily transportable project! And the finished product is even better on your head. Soft, warm, and classic! Purchase pattern HERE!


When our dear friends announced the upcoming arrival of their first baby, my girls immediately named it Butterscotch. The name stuck throughout their entire pregnancy and so for their first shower, I thought it only appropriate to make a hat for “Butterscotch”. This is a delightfully fun hat to knit.  Chunky merino wool makes for a very quick baby gift that is just too cute.  Gender neutral, although, your choice of yarn could make this specific to a boy or a girl.  Great project for a beginner. Purchase pattern HERE!


IMG_2763 resizedI live in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin, where beautiful coulees are nestled between the high ridge tops.  This hat reminds me of this part of the state with the chevron pattern giving the illusion of valleys.  Pattern will be more easily visible with a solid color yarn, but this Malabrigo Worsted knits up so incredibly well and gives another colorful dimension to the hat.  Let me know what you think. Purchase pattern HERE!


Purled Ely resizedMy dear creative spirit, Ely Pahr, always had a very florid penmanship.  She adorned her letters to me with a very specific detail.  The detailing on this hat reminds me very much of her, thus the name of the pattern.  This is my Ellie wearing The ElyPurchase pattern HERE!


Love hugs? My feet do and SmartWool socks give me just that. They cushion my feet with supple softness. And why shouldn’t every foot experience this goodness? I was on the hunt for the perfect baby gift as I had two showers in the upcoming weeks. That’s when I saw SmartWool for babies! I made the purchase and immediately knew I’d be creating a cute partner for these adorable socks. Thus was born the SmartyPants Hat. Pattern coming soon!


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