LIVE! With Ravelry

Elanor&Liam has gone live on Ravelry! 

Excited to share this extremely cute, lovingly inspired, and quickly knit project with you. This is a fairly easy project, great for even the newest of knitters. My favorite aspect of this pattern (aside from the adorable Pom-Pom) is the interesting  construction. If you’re an ambidextrous knitter, you’ll get to left-hand knit. I am neither a left-handed knitter (like my daughter) nor an ambidextrous knitter (although this may be my next venture), and so for this pattern we less versatile knitters must turn our work over and knit from the inside out. I guess we could just hand our work over to a left-hand knitter when needed and let them knit for a while. A collaborative knit perhaps?!

If Cascde 128 superwash isn’t in your stash of “yarns needing to be used”, any bulky yarn should do. I’d love to see new color combinations! Check it out HERE!